Streamline document editing with the SharePoint PDF editor

Save time and boost productivity by editing PDF documents directly in SharePoint. Easily integrate PDF viewing, annotating, editing, form filling, e-signing and more into your SharePoint instance.

PDF Editor for SharePoint

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Key benefits

Edit PDFs
Edit PDFs in SharePoint

Save your users’ time and help them maintain focus by opening and editing PDFs directly in Sharepoint.

Easy integration
Easy integration with SharePoint

Two steps to get started: Download, and install in SharePoint. Works with SharePoint 2013 and up, including SE.

Robust editing
Robust editing capabilities

Bring the ability to annotate, edit, sign, form fill and redact PDFs directly to your SharePoint instance.

Enterprise level
Enterprise-level security

Limit access to sensitive information by keeping documents in SharePoint — no need to open PDFs in third-party plugins.

A great user experience

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Robust, customisable features

Save time and stay productive by opening and editing PDF documents without ever leaving your SharePoint instance.


Add a variety of annotations to your PDFs — text, ink, stamps, shapes, highlights and more.

Sign electronically

Easily draw, upload an image or choose a stylized electronic signature to add to your documents.

Edit documents
Edit documents

Edit documents by moving, cropping, rotating, duplicating, deleting or adding pages.

View forms
View forms

View PDF forms and the data saved in associated form fields.

Fill forms
Fill forms

Support filling and saving data via PDF forms, as well as form submission.


Permanently remove sensitive, confidential and privileged textual information from PDF documents.

Combine our PDF Editor with PDF Converter for SharePoint

The Muhimbi PDF Converter for SharePoint allows you to convert common file formats and edit them with the PDF Editor, as well as automatically import and export form data inside SharePoint.

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