Document conversion and automation

Use the industry leading PDF Conversion and Document Automation platform for SharePoint on-premises (SP2007-SP2019) to create meeting packs, share documents, watermark and secure sensitive information, make content searchable via OCR*, and archive to PDF/A* in line with regulatory requirements.

PDF Converter for SharePoint

Muhimbi’s products are trusted by thousands of high-profile organisations.

Friendly user interface

The Muhimbi PDF Converter comes with a friendly SharePoint user interface to convert files, merge them together, configure watermarks and apply security settings.

This makes it super simple for end-users to generate PDFs, compile meeting packs, or share documents in the universally accepted PDF format. There is no need for expensive and cumbersome desktop software to be deployed, often incompatible with SharePoint.

Need to distribute a last-minute change to that important board pack? No problem, just select the files and click a button, all from within your familiar SharePoint environment.

Automate processes

Processing documents via our friendly user interface works well, but automatically carrying out various tasks via workflows, or the API, is where our platform really shines. No room for user error!

Ranging from very simple workflows that consist of just one step (Convert document to PDF whenever it is updated) to more complex scenarios where files are converted once they have been approved, followed by watermark, security and archival operations. All in a single and fully automated workflow.

We provide the building blocks to match YOUR business processes. Naturally we support all major workflow engines, including SharePoint Designer, Workflow Manager, Nintex Workflow, K2 and Visual studio.

Convert and transform files

A typical office environment uses a lot of different file types including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Email, InfoPath, AutoCAD, Visio, Images and HTML. There is no 'one-size-fits-all', though PDF comes close.

Muhimbi's platform supports all these formats and more. Not only are documents converted with perfect conversion fidelity, we go the extra mile to make sure that files attached to InfoPath forms and emails are processed as well.

Automatically re-colour AutoCAD files, no problem! Control which InfoPath views to convert, even easier. We even allow full control over MS-Word’s change tracking facility.

Watermark in real-time

The Muhimbi PDF Converter comes with very extensive watermarking facilities which allow PDF and Office documents to be 'stamped' with all kinds of information, including text, barcodes, images and QR codes.

This can all be controlled via your favourite workflow or automation platform. However, when using SharePoint, watermarks can even be applied in real-time and contain user specific details.

This means that the document, as it exists in SharePoint, remains non-watermarked. However, when the file is opened by a user, it is watermarked on-the-fly, and can contain such information as name of the user, date and time, and even the ip-address.

Muhimbi supports watermarking of PDF, DOCX, XLSX and PPTX files.

It's much more than just a PDF Converter


Convert common file types including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Emails, InfoPath, AutoCAD, Visio, Images and HTML with perfect conversion fidelity.


Combine multiple files into a single, easy to manage and easy to share PDF. Automatically add PDF bookmarks and a Table Of Content for easy navigation.

SharePoint Page to PDF

Convert and archive SharePoint pages such as lists, list items and wiki pages to PDF. Pass in custom HTML to easily generate reports and other content.


Dealing with large and unwieldy files? Make them more manageable by splitting them into multiple smaller ones based on the number of pages or PDF bookmark level.


Dealing with sensitive data or need to include the latest metadata in your PDF or Office documents? We've got you covered with our flexible watermark engine.


Dealing with scanned or faxed content? Your search engine won't be able to find these files, so use Optical Character Recognition to make your documents discoverable.


It is not just about conversion to PDF. If you need to convert between other file formats (e.g DOC to DOCX, XLSX to DOC, or InfoPath to DOCX / XLSX), it's perfectly possible as well.

Copy Metadata

Metadata defined on source documents is incredibly important and should not be lost. Copy it all to the destination file or zero it out? Your choice.


Most organisations and regulatory bodies publish retention guidelines for data. The PDF Converter can assist by generating PDF/A1b, A2b and A3b files.

Secure & Restrict

Sharing documents is easy, but what if the information is sensitive? Muhimbi makes it easy to encrypt PDF and Office files, or restrict the ability to print and copy content.


Applying watermarks and PDF restrictions without encryption is meaningless when a simple PDF editor is only one Google search away. Use our software to encrypt your PDFs.

Forms Data

Still copying and pasting data from PDF files by hand? Automate PDF Forms processing by importing and exporting forms data using your favourite platform or language.


Processing documents manually is great, but automatically carrying out various tasks via workflows or API is where our product really shines. No room for user error!

Muhimbi has a 4.5+ rating in Trustpilot and App Store.