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Frequently Asked Questions

Although they look the same, SharePoint Online and SharePoint on-premises (2007-2019) are completely different and incompatible products. As a result, there is no way to install our on-premises software 'in the cloud'. We provide a separate SharePoint Online solution at a great price. We are very reasonable people and will always take existing licenses into account when providing quotations for our Online Subscriptions. Just talk to us.

The PDF Converter for SharePoint comes with a built in API. This API may only be used for SharePoint (on-premises) related activities (Processing data going in or out of SharePoint). If you wish to use the API for non-SharePoint on-premises related activities, then you will need to purchase a license for the PDF Converter Services product line.

All our historical releases have been driven by real-word customer requests. If you require a generic feature to be implemented, then please contact us.

Our support desk typically provides information, advice, and guidance for no additional fee. However, if you need us to carry out (part of) the implementation of your project then please contact us. We may pick it up internally or put you in contact with a 3rd party familiar with our products and services.

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